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Title Cards:
Redeployment Operations
ETO: Activities in European Theater of Operations - Wieringermeer Polder
Pacific: Cavitizing Shells For V-T Fuses
Pacific: Okinawa
Pacific: Recent Jap Attacks On Fleet
Description at the National Archives: "Part 1: Shows activities at a redeployment camp in Leghorn, Italy; vehicles are overhauled; surgical instruments are cleaned and packed; rifles are packed in grease; trucks and ships are loaded; troops are processed.
Part 2: Dutch are evacuated from floods caused by the German destruction of dikes. German prisoners in Norway and the Netherlands remove land mines. Shows criminals of war before and after being discharged from the German army.
Part 3: Shows the use of a special drill for enlarging the cavity on artillery shells for V-T fuses.
Part 4: Shows activities on Okinawa: 75mm and 57mm recoilless rifles are test fired; General Richardson visits General Buckner's grave; General Arnold and General Kenney arrive for a meeting; troops battle (Reel 2) final enemy positions (June). Tanks and infantry use flamethrowers, grenades, explosives, and other weapons in the battle. Japanese surrender, are interrogated, and interned. Shows scenes of activities in the prison camp.
Part 5: Carrier planes down Japanese planes and strafe ships. Shows heated battle between U.S. ships and Kamikaze planes off Okinawa. Several planes are downed, and one damages a carrier. U.S. planes land on a carrier; one crashes. Shows the burning of the "Saratoga" in February."

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