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It’s time for a return to one of the most popular arcade gaming series of all time in the classic Super Pac-Man game. Gamers will once again play as main character Pac-Man, who in this game eats keys placed throughout the maze to open up doors to fruit and icons, all while being chased by four ghosts. Once Pac-Man unlocks every door in the maze and has access to eating all fruit and icons, he can advance to the next level. When Pac-Man eats a valuable power pill, he can move faster, grow bigger, and temporarily escape the threat of enemy ghosts. What to watch for: when players see a star flash on the playing screen, look at the changing pictures within two boxes and select the star icon the minute the pictures in the two boxes match, and earn major bonus points. The classic Super Pac-Man game was released by Namco in 1982 as the third installment of the Pac-Man arcade series and was distributed by Bally Midway.

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