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Arcade is a game genre that can be considered as the primary genre of video games. It started the development of one of our favorite hobbies, playing video games. Undoubtedly, the majority of classic and retro game titles represent this genre. The history of arcade cabinets starts with big gaming machines that were getting more and more popular during the end of the 1970s, all the way until the mid-1980s. This boom in arcade machines started the video game industry. Many famous video games initially were developed for physical gaming machines and only sometime later some genres were adapted to consoles and PCs.

The first popular arcade games were Computer Space (1971), Asteroids (1979), Battlezone (1980) which were based on the vector graphics, meaning that the image consisted of lines. Over the years it was substituted by the raster graphics representing the grid of pixels (points of color). It resulted in releases of such games as Pac-Man (1980) and Donkey Kong (1981) which characters became iconic.

The development of browser games based arcade games is due to the development of the Flash Player technology. A large number of flash games were released. Most arcade machines are defined by the following features.

  • A single display
  • Endless game progress
  • Multiple lives
  • High scores
  • A fast tutorial and simple game controls
  • Limited storyline

Due to the variety of special features the genre is divided into subgenres. At present, the most popular arcade subgenres are scrollers, platforms, fightings and a simplified version of racing.

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