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Round 3 of the Australian National Series took place on Mystic mountain in Bright, Victoria last weekend. The DH course was steep, fast, off camber, gnar that left every rider grinning & covered head to toe in dust. Several riders even likened it to overseas world cup track Val Di Sole & Fort Bill.
In qualifying Hill destroyed the field by 10secs, proving that he's well and truly back with a vengeance. The Finals ended up much closer, with Hill taking out the win by 1.1 seconds and the Overall Series Title. Troy Brosnan finished up 2nd in his third race back from shoulder injury. Whilst young up and comer Jack Moir proved again that he has what it takes, finishing 4.5sec shy of Hill in 3rd & 2nd in the Overall Series Title. Meanwhile in the Elite Womens Claire Buchar claimed both the victory & Overall Title with a busted hand. Pretty rad effort Claire, heal up quick.
Music: facebook.com/theharlotsband

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