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All footage shot & edited by Joseph D'Amato
405.706.6583 | joetry7@gmail.com
IG: joetrypants
Videos Appear In The Following Order:
"Killer" by Vinace
"Authorized User" - University of Oklahoma (OU) Police Department's Rave Guardian
"Songwriter Festival" - Oklahoma Film + Music Office
"SchmoozaPalooza" - Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
"EGO VS. ID" - Short film directed by Joseph D'Amato
"The Magic Touch - Unilever's Project Sunlight
"Cyber Thief" - OU Information of Technology
"Virtual Realty in the Library" - OU Libraries
"Mentoring Series for Young Filmmarkers" - Oklahoma Film + Music Office
"Greater Grads Career Fair" - Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
"Delta Gamma Recruitment" - OU Delta Gamma Sorority Chapter
"Finals Break Room" - OU Libraries
"Interview with Mohammad Farzaneh" - Tehran University
"A Long Password is a Strong Password" - OU Information Technology
"Work with OU IT" - OU Information Technology
"STEM Programs for yOU" - OU Infortmation Technology
"Introduction - OU Nightly News Station
Music: "Is Happy Is Sad Life" by Deep East Music of Megatrax

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