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Everything goes round and round / tutti vanno in tondo.
At the Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships 2013, this movie is a view from the change-over area - which was a carousel of activity with riders spinning on indoor trainers, others setting off around the race circuit, all returning exhausted. The race itself passed by the change-over area twice - once shortly after the change-over, and then again on the return. While it refers in a small way to the progress of the race and its outcome, this movie is not remotely a complete record of the race itself but is rather a brief snap of the hive of activity during the opening event of the UCI World Mountain Bike and Trials Championships 2013 held at the Cascades Mountain Bike Park, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa late in the afternoon of Wednesday, 28 August 2013.
For the record the results show Italy just winning in under 2 minutes shy of an hour as their fourth rider stops pushing just short of the line. Another 5m and France would have won as the Men's Elite Frenchman, Maxime Marotte, slices through the frame in this movie. Result: 1.Italy (58.12) ; 2.France; 3.Germany (+02.21); 4.Canada; 5.Switzerland; 6.Austria; 7.USA; 8.New Zealand; 9.South Africa; 10.Russian Federation; 11.Sweden, 12.Namibia.

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