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This is my life.
I was born just over 20 years ago in a small village beyond the hill of Turin. Not conceive of life without a camera and I love the world that revolves around it. Flag waver and musician since time immemorial.
From autumn 2009 I collaborate with the company Multiker offering multimedia services such as websites, photos and video, both for individuals and companies to public institutions.
Since 2006 I collaborated with the ‘Association “La Gracchia” as an animator media, which produce numerous professional videos with the children.
Attend for three years, the European high school “Spinelli” in Turin, which allows me to discreetly learn English and French. When I realize that my true passion are the images I sign up to First Art School in Turin, cultivating a passion for film and multimedia communication. In 2009, I receive a diploma in Film and Visual Arts after winning several awards at national level.
From September 2010 to May 2011 I worked at Egg 2.0
I started 12 years on the office computer of my parents fitting music video film that I found on the net, I like to sum up the film by attaching a piece of music totally different from the original soundtrack.
Then, slowly, with the purchase of a camera a few years later, I had the opportunity to dedicate also to the whole of the production of a movie, a short or even a few sketches.
Today technology has evolved and we have many more tools to build an audiovisual product, higher quality, but above all we have the opportunity (through social networks and youtube for example) to see the finished work to people who are the other side of the world.
All images were taken using a GoPro HD (excluding the first seven).
Follow me on Facebook! facebook.com/Daduxioproductions
daduxio.it - daduxio@gmail.com
Song is: Down the road by C2C

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