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If this video moves you, please make a $5 donation to Creative Arts Workshops for Kids (visit our website at caw4kids.org for a secure, tax deductible, on-line donation), so we can continue our nonprofit work, creating a safe place for kids to express themselves and providing the creative tools, medium and education so youth feel empowered to improve their lives and their communities and make the world a better place.

Written by Destiny Snowden, an 11 year-old girl from The Bronx, New York City, this short film tackles an issue faced by many kids around the world: physical and sexual abuse. It was developed during a five-week after school program offered by the nonprofit Creative Arts Workshops for Kids in partnership with the New York Presbyterian School-Based Health Center.
It has been screened at the MoMA Education and Research Building, where Destiny and her peers were for a Q&A. She spoke about her work as a way to send a message to kids that are abused by adults. When asked how she felt watching her film in the big screen, after so much effort and thought that has been put into the work, the answer was: 'I feel like I have achieved something'.
Made by
Destiny Snowden
Elias Mauricio
Claritza Ogando
Arnicka Martin
Written by
Destiny Snowden
Jordan Stevens

Creative Arts Workshops for Kids' Multimedia Marketing class uses the technology arts to explore and promote positive and healthy relationships among Northern Manhattan youth. Students discuss various types of relationships and use the iPad 2, digital cameras, and movie-editing techniques to produce public service announcements tailored to teens.
Multimedia Marketing has a holistic approach to engaging youth on issues of public health by integrating the arts, education, technology, social media, and marketing. Our youth develop a greater sense of self and social responsibility while appreciating the reach and impact of their multmedia art and advocacy. CAW's Multimedia Marketing Workshop was created in partnership with the New York Presbyterian School-Based Health Center with support from the NYSDOH Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (CAPP), Middle School 326 & 328, and the Museum of Modern Art.
We are super proud of our incredible students!
For more information on CAW's programs, please visit our website: caw4kids.org
Student Artists: Jonathan, Destiny, Elvis, Arnicka, Claritza, Yahina, Elias, Evelin
Teaching Artist: Maria Eduarda Andrade
Intern: Amber Hogue
Program Director: Molaundo Jones
Executive Director: Brian Ricklin
Associate: Lauren Jobson
New York Presbyterian Staff:
Pamela Haller, Program Manager, Health Education & Outreach
Shawn Watkins, Health Education, HIV Counselor
© 2011 Creative Arts Workshops for Kids Inc.

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