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Roadtrip to Whistler with Skippy Wixom and Stevie LaLa in October of ought-eleven. 8 days of riding in the park through every kind of fall weather imaginable.
Shot on a Contour 1080HD, GoPro Hero HD, Canon SX230IS, and Canon 7d with 8mm UWA.
Thanks to Skippy for sharing bunches of his POV and for shooting some great handheld too.
We all rode LenzSport PBJ park bikes with Lacemine29 wheels and our own preferred mess of componentry.
Skippy = white bike, black helmet, always wearing a pack.
Stevie = white bike, white/red helmet, no pack.
Mike = red bike, no pack.
Details on my bike here:
Skippy's is here:
Music by John Prine and Skream. Bet they never guessed they'd be featured together!

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